Product Placement has only just begun

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In a world where viewing habits are changing, advertisers are attempting to find a way to get their products in front of the consumers. DVRs have allowed the viewer to skip past the traditional 30 second ad. One way that advertisers have attempted to get their product in front of consumers is product placement, we see this on both TV and film. This method of advertising was reported to be worth $2.21bn in 2005. It has been predicted that this could be closer to $7.6bn by 2010.

“In 2002, the James Bond film Die Another Day set a record by making $70m (£44m) from companies who paid to have their wares displayed on screen.
Twenty products were featured in the film, from Omega watches to Aston Martin cars.”

The US has the biggest profit for this advertising method. Surprisingly, Australia and Brazil are the next 2 countries.

This type of advertising has been banned in the UK. Many EU countries have strict laws on this method. It is reported that this will change by the end of this year. Giving advertiser a bigger pool to swim in.
It’s believe in 2010 the US will still be the leader in product placement advertising still, although China will be very close on their tail.

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