Teenagers Say No, To Viewing Content on Mobile Devices

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I must first say that I was shocked by the information of this article. Young people don’t want TV content shown on their mobile. I then sat there for a while and thought about it. I don’t want TV content on my mobile either.
I want something new, I don’t want to see South Park already aired episodes, just resized for my mobile. Currently this is what we see happening.
The other problem is it is expensive. The target market here aren’t business people, it’s youth. These people don’t have money to throw away just to watch MTV on their mobile. They can do that when they get home. My other problem is we have never paid for viewing Free to Air TV, the advertisers have paid for it. Why has this all of a sudden changed?

We have a great circle of viewing devices, that need to be converged into a media viewing hub. When thinking of how to describe this, I thought lets use CSI. Australia currently has a love for crime and medical shows.

So lets say I’m watching an episode of CSI on my TV. I could also get short video reports from the CSI team sent to my phone, updating me about what has been found at the crime scene. Whilst doing this I could go online to view photos that were taking at the crime scene and related to the information I’m being given on my phone. Maybe this is a lot to try and take in all at once, but you see what I trying to get at.
We then see the 3 media groups converging and not trying to stamp each other out. For people not interested in the added interactivity they would be able to just watch the episode aired on TV and still enjoy the episode has they do now.

We need to be smart about the next move. The big companies aren’t thinking of the best way to use this new technology. Instead they have rushed in and resized old content for mobile distribution and making the consumer pay for it.

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