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Media Interview on Radio New Zealand – New Zealand to consider a anti-siphoning list as Australia wants to abolish theirs

Was great to have a chat withColin Peacock on Radio NewZealand for Media Week New Zealand should copy Australia and make “sport of national significance” available on TV for free, New Zealand First’s Winston Peters says. Is it an idea whose time has come – or an idea that’s now out of time across the… Keep Reading

Television eyeglasses in 1963. james vaughn

Noisivision, radiospects, tellser … what, indeed, is television?

This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article. By Marc C-Scott, Victoria University Television is a major part of Australians’ daily lives: 99.7% of Australians homes have a television and, on average, Australians view 93 hours of television per month. But as audiences move online to watch television content, through catch-up… Keep Reading

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