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What is Transmedia Broadcasting?

Many people within the media field may have heard of the term transmedia storytelling, but what is transmedia broadcasting? To define transmedia broadcasting we must first explain the fundamentals of transmedia storytelling. Henry Jenkins, a key media theorist in the area of convergence, was the first to discuss this new method of storytelling. Jenkins describes… Keep Reading

ABC Increase their lead with ABC Mobile

There is no doubt that ABC are the Australian leaders for broadcasting their content across alternative platforms. They currently broadcast on two digital channels (ABC1 and ABC 2), along with iView an online platform, accompanied by their media rich website. ABC now have further placed their mark as being the leaders in transmedia broadcasting with the introduction of ABC Mobile ( This will allow a phone that has internet to access the ABC Mobile site. ABC has designed dedicated applications for the iPhone and Andriod. Both of which are free downloads, with the iPhone application in the top 5 of the “Top Free Apps” section on the iTunes Store. Keep Reading


Videoclix Brings a New Video Advertising Method to the Table

There have been many theories of how to incorporate advertising into online video content. Many people have been against adapting the traditional/old media’s 30-second ad for online content, myself included. Other theories have been, having a watermark (currently used for many television stations logo), lower 3rd text and pre/post-roll. All of these approaches still having… Keep Reading

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