Episode 2 – Streaming, Price Hikes and TV for your Dog

In this episode we discuss will the Internet be able to handle a Super Bowl audience, where is live streaming and where could it be going. Netflix testing a price hike in Australia, the massive audience growth in eSports and TV for your Dog. (Recorded: Tuesday 16th May, 2017)

Segment 1-  Will the Internet be able to handle a Super Bowl audience in the future?
Internet to support Super Bowl sized audiences by 2022?

Super Bowl LI on FOX is Most-Viewed Program in U.S. Television History

Seven most-streamed live events

Super Bowl Proves A Boon For Seven Ratings as 1.75 Million Aussies Tune In

nScreenNoise – live OTT video with no latency

Segment 2 – Live Streaming: Where is it and on what?
Most Millennials Have Watched Live Video Online

Meerkat built a new app in secret, and almost 1 million people are using it

HouseParty App Homepage

How NBA, MLB Teams Capture Unique Content With Snapchat Spectacles

Research: Just 1% of social video goes viral

GoPro: NHL After Dark with Evgeni Malkin – Episode 5

Segment 3 – Netflix Testing a Price rise 

Segment 4 – The Rise of eSports Viewers

Segment 5 – DogTV

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