Less Eyeballs, Less Money

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So as we have all suspected and discussed over months, TV ratings are down. In the US viewing numbers are down by more than 2.5 million. Networks fear with technologies like TiVo, DVRs and DVD recorders, they are unable to track the viewing numbers.
A drop in the viewing audiences means a cut in advertising revenue, which during the ad buying summer last year in the US, was $8.8 billion.

So what can they networks do?
Get Smart! Incorporate the advertisers in the programs, rather than breaking the show up and placing ads in between the viewing. The Internet has an advantage, as video content doesn’t fill the entire screen on a website. Therefore there many places for advertisers to target eyeballs, outside of the video content.

If the networks are worried about the content being recorded or streamed over the Internet, then by incorporating ads into the program, this will then not be the major problem they face today. Sports programs have been doing this for years, adding small ads on the screens during the broadcast.

Why is general programming different to this?

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