3D, the cinema audience revival?

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Michael Campbell, chairman and CEO of Regal Entertainment Group, has suggested that 3D movies are the way to make money in the future for cinema. He said audience were willing to pay premium ticket prices to see these films.
But this wasn’t the only thing on the agenda. For cinemas to do this they would have to update their screening equipment to digital, something the studios have been pushing for some time.

“Another deciding factor for Regal was a strong show of support for the new medium by Hollywood studios, among them the Walt Disney Co. and DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc., which announced this month that it will make all its movies in 3D, starting with “Monsters vs. Aliens” in 2009.”

I could see this working in movies targeted at the younger audience, but could you imagine watching “Borat” in 3D? Actually that could be funny and sickening at the same time.

With the price of home cinemas dropping drastically over the past few years, the cinemas need to do something to get the audience back and they need to do it soon. Is 3D the way? I would argue that it could be, but only for the younger audience and what percentage are they of the cinema viewing audience?

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