TV, Where to Now?

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For such a long time there have been many opinions of where we will watch TV in the future and on what device. Will it be Internet TV, P2PTV, HDTV, IPTV, Streaming Video? Laptop, TV, Mobile phone, PDA, iPod? There are issues that need to be resolved for all of these methods and devices.

An article in the Post-Gazette spoke about NBC streaming director cuts of it’s hit program “The Office”. While CBS is dealing with Comcast and General Motors to have GM sponsor “CSI” and “NCSI” for on demand distribution. Viewers will only be shown 3 ads during their viewing of these programs. One at the began, middle and end, allowing advertiser full viewer attention with no other ads aired.

This concept works because the advertiser is paying and not the viewer. What if we were to take this one step further? During the airing of the program the advertisers logo is watermarked on the screen, rather than or with the channel logo.

The reason for this is if it is copied and put online with the ads removed. The advertiser is still receiving an advertising increase. This would be beneficial for international companies like Coca Cola, Nike, Puma and Pepsi etc.

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