TV Networks to Show Viewers how to Eliminate Ads?

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Australian TV networks are in a bit of a pickle. LG has a new HDTV that has an inbuilt PVR, which means viewers can skip ads. LG would like to advertise on Australian TV networks, that flaunt the skip ads feature. Now if you were a company would you want to show people how to avoid something that brings in your bread and butter?

Didn’t think so. As stated in the PVR wire article “the irony of this debate. If the TV stations decline to air the commercial, LG will get free publicity as the action gets written up in the local papers, and the commercial will probably wind up online. It seems to me like the TV stations should just take the money”

The networks really need to wake up. The Nine Network has already had one lawsuit with Ice TV for program guide information being copyright.

Here’s an idea Seven, Nine and Ten. Look around you, get off your leather executive chairs and release you guys are being left for dead. I don’t want to wait for you (Ten) to air the new season of “The OC”, which apparently we get to see it the same time the US does. Well that’s what you said on the ad. Maybe you should have added a *, with small text on the bottom saying to viewers there is a delay of almost a week, between the US airing it and Australia airing it.

There have been 50 years of TV in Australia, how about some change?

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