Thank God Their Here

Well finally one of the broadcasters have looked at the web as an additional broadcast method. Less than 3 hours after the season finale of Ten’s “Thank god you’re here” aired, it was available for download for portable devices. I went to the site and clicked on the link to download for my PSP. The file was a huge 321mb!!!!! The iPod Video file is 302mb!!!!!

Well I suppose it’s the thought that counts. Now channel Ten this is a great idea and one that I’m glad you guys of all the networks have grabbed onto. Your target audience are the prime people who want their content this way. The problem is you can’t go and put up a 300mb file for people to download.

So is this a beginning for Australian broadcasters?

I think they are heading in the right direction, but need to polish the technology they are using before they scare people off. Anymore 300mb files may just do that.

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