Journal Article – The prelude to television in Australia in Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television

I recently had an article published in the Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television

Whilst many media historians have examined television’s prehistory in Britain and the United States. Literature examining the history of television in Australia, prior to the 1956 inauguration, is far less developed. Much of the literature on Australian television history begins at 1956 and disregards the compelling prelude to television. As evident within this article, there is still a gap in the literature associated with the history of television in Australia. This article makes evident that Australia’s association and awareness of television dates back well before 1956. The article explores two areas associated with the prehistory of Australian television, the representation of television in the Australian newspapers and public awareness. It will draw attention to the early public discussions, particularly in the press, which influenced Australians’ perception of television prior to its official inauguration during 1956.

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