Mobile TV’s New Free to Air Station in Korea

Korean have taken a new approach to Mobile TV, starting a free to air station. Currently South Korea and Japan have commercial mobile TV broadcasting service. The FTA network makes money from the advertising revenues not from the viewer. Currently there are six terrestrial and one satellite broadcaster in Korea. Customers can access 7 video and 13 audio channels, plus eight data streams providing and electronic program guide, traffic updates, weather, news and more.

Many mobile phone providers allow there customers mobile TV services. The problem with this is the customer is paying. Mobile provider 3 charges for this service start at $4 per month per channel. Since the beginning of TV the advertiser has paid for what we view. There are still advertisers out there, many more than we had years ago. So why should the people have to pay for a mobile broadcasted channels? Why are we changing the broadcast model we know now?

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