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Media Interview for The Mercury – Nine facing a last minute regional affiliate deal in Tasmania

in Australian Media/Australian Television/Media Interviews/Media Policy & Regulation

Spoke with David Beniuk of the Mercury about the issues associated with a regional affiliate facing Channel Nine in Tasmania. Read more – Tasmania could go from Channel 9 to Channel Nein as network yet to sign deal to broadcast in state

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Seven’s Olympic coverage could change the way we watch sport on our screens

in Australian Television/Media Policy & Regulation/Sports Media Rights & Broadcasting

The Seven Network has announced it will offer a paid subscription service via an app as part of its Rio Olympics coverage this year. This will make Seven the first free-to-air broadcaster in Australia to charge for broadcasting sport. This is a new approach to the station’s coverage of the Rio Olympics. Last year, it…

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Google wants to tap the second golden age of television

in International Media/International Television/Media Policy & Regulation/Streaming Media

Traditional pay-television providers, already under pressure from consumers opting for streaming internet video, are facing a new threat. Google is getting into TV advertising, and a decision made earlier this year by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has everyone from traditional set top box providers to diversity champions worried. The FCC says it wants…

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Is a quota the key to getting Netflix and co. to spend more on Australian content?

in Media Policy & Regulation/Media Technology/Video on Demand

The European Commission has released a proposal that will require video streaming services, including Netflix, Amazon and Apple to meet at least a 20% quota of locally produced (ie European) works. This is part of a push to create a digital single market within the European Union. In Australia, around 10% of homes have Netflix…

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There are better ways to combat piracy than blocking websites

in Australian Media/Media Piracy/Media Policy & Regulation

The Senate passed controversial anti-piracy legislation, the Copyright Amendment (Online Infringement) Bill 2015, last night. But it’s not so clear whether the legislation will actually achieve its stated ends of reducing piracy, and it might be easily circumvented by the public. Arguably, the media industry can do more to prevent piracy by making content more…

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Community TV’s last stand from the government’s spectrum grab

in Australian Media/Australian Television/Media Policy & Regulation

A new campaign is underway this week to persuade the federal government to reverse its decision to push community television stations off the allocated broadcast spectrum at the end of this year in favour of online-only programming. Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull said in September last year that the current use of the “sixth channel” used…

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