New Directon in oniline Advertising

A great worry for advertisers with the media heading online has been the death of the 30 sec ad. Pirelli, the Italian tyre maker has taken a step away from the 30sec ad producing there own 10 min short film. The film can be viewed online and the credit list is quiet impressive, including former fashion model Naomi Campbell and actor John Malkovich.

There is as a long list of cast and crew which is impressive for a short film. Showing the amount of resources that it took to put the production together…. This high standard of production goes right through to the website that is specially for the film itself.

…BMW completed an eight part series in 2001, with Volvo not far behind them. These both had great success, but maybe were too early for the online media boom. The company funding production work is something that has been spoken about a number of times by media experts…. A produce gets funding from a company, the production is completed then distributed online. This is a very different chain of events than what we see in the broadcast world of today.

…No longer will Australia have to wait to see a program months after it has been aired in the US. The broadcasters have to be smart though, and work out were they can squeeze into this picture.

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