Book Chapter – The Change in Young Australians’ Television Viewing Behavior and What It Means for the Future of Local Content

I recently had an book chapter published published in The Handbook of Media Education Research

The introduction of subscription video on demand (SVoD) services, in association with Australians’ changing video viewing behaviors, has raised questions about the future of local television content and imposed local content quotas, particularly for children’s content. This chapter analyzes the current policy structure supporting Australian children’s television content and how recent changes in young Australians’ viewing habits have and will continue to impact the production and availability of Australian children’s television content. It covers four key areas: changing patterns of young people’s broadcast television viewing; young Australians’ screen viewing habits; local policies lagging behind the global media landscape; and the future of Australian children’s television content. The change in younger Australians’ viewing behaviors, along with the significant uptake of SVoD services, presents clear evidence for local content regulations to be revised with urgency, particularly for this demographic.

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