Interview with ABC News – Disney+ and Netflix have cancelled their free trials. Here’s what the future could hold for streaming services

spoke with Dannielle Maguire at the ABC about what the future could hold for streaming services…

We’re used to being able to binge on an entire season of a show after it drops on a service all at once, but Dr C-Scott reckons there could be a shift away from that.
Think of it as forced portion control.
“I think we’re going to see a week-by-week staggering of content,” he said.
“It will annoy some people.”
But he points out that the time it takes to produce shows and movies doesn’t match up with the speed in which we consume it.
So streaming services will need to be strategic about when they launch, to compete with other services and to bridge the gap between drops.
“So with Netflix having eight to 10 episodes, they might start staggering it out as a weekly thing, then in turn release other content,” Dr C-Scott said.

You can read the entire article here –

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