You Can Be an Online Star

When the web first became a craze, we saw a tsunami of people developing their own websites. More than less of these sites were both poorly developed and designed. We saw the professionals survive and we have now see higher standard websites . This is all happening again, but rather than websites it is now… Keep Reading

Fuel Up Your TV Viewing

Will we get to a point where no matter where we turn media will be infront of us. A Michigan based company has been trialing small screens in the fuel pumps. This show news, weather, traffic reports and the usual advertising. Walt Disney’s, ABC network will sell ads and produce the content for the screens.… Keep Reading

Thank God Their Here

Well finally one of the broadcasters have looked at the web as an additional broadcast method. Less than 3 hours after the season finale of Ten’s “Thank god you’re here” aired, it was available for download for portable devices. I went to the site and clicked on the link to download for my PSP.… Keep Reading

TV 2.0 – Proudly brought to you by Lost

During the episode an ad for The Hanson Foundation (a fake corporation) was played. The ad displayed a 1800 number and a website for the organisation ( This fake corporation is part of a game called “The Lost Experience”. The callers and website viewers were given clues and hints outside the viewing of the program… Keep Reading

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