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Does a DVR Lift Viewing Hours?

A article was published in the New York Times about DVR’s and the affect they have on our viewing behaviors. Mediamark Research presented this information, after interviewing 26,000 adults. The research found that people with a DVR watched less TV than those without. This is a different outcome to research carried out by CBS. They… Keep Reading

Is TiVo to Go, an iTunes Store Killer?

The iTunes music store has arguable changed the way people legally download their music online. TV shows, music clips and animations are also available from selected countries, iTunes store. The question is – should we pay for something that we get on Free to Air TV? The popular PVR (Personal Video Recorder), TiVo has just… Keep Reading


You Can Be an Online Star

When the web first became a craze, we saw a tsunami of people developing their own websites. More than less of these sites were both poorly developed and designed. We saw the professionals survive and we have now see higher standard websites . This is all happening again, but rather than websites it is now… Keep Reading

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