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Does the Internet Suck? No it’s the Content Developers!

“Pornography, gambling, lies, theft and terrorism: The Internet sucks”, was the title given to an article published by Macleans. The article looks at many of the negative points of the Internet. Dan Brown, editor for “The London Free Press” wrote an interesting response to this article. So what do I think? I would say the… Keep Reading


Online Rental Blockbuster

Blockbuster in the US have announced they will be their online movie rental policy. They are double the amount of DVD’s members can rent. Also as part of the change members can return movie in-store. These changes have been implemented to lift membership numbers and challenge Netflex, an online DVD rental company. This is a… Keep Reading


YouSue, iSue, WeSue together?

Whilst reading the article in “YouTube, saved by the Bell” I came across and interesting article by Mark Cuban. He believed that YouTube would have many law suits against them soon. He also spoke about, if record companies do force YouTube to take down any videos with their music. How will they do this? It… Keep Reading


YouTube, Saved by the Bell

Many people are unsure of how YouTube duck and weave the legal blows of copyright infringement. I recently read an article by, that gives you a simple overview. Basically the company who owns the pipes that the internet run through is called Bell. Many years ago they came to a long and debated agreement… Keep Reading

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